• What is Understandability? Understandability is the concept that a system’s information should be given such a manner that it can be easily comprehensible to whoever is receiving that information.
  • How is Understandability defined? It is defined as: “the concept that a system should be presented so that an engineer can easily comprehend it. The more understandable a system is, the easier it will be for engineers to change it in a predictable and safe manner.”
  • How does it complement observability? Observability isn’t Understandability. Observability tools are limited to collecting data dev and ops teams need to ensure they have smooth running software, but don’t allow for data to be collected for the dev to be able to gain understanding of the software’s behavior.
  • Achieving understandability is the key to achieving safe, fast, and efficient software. No matter what you are creating, or what choices you made to get there, being able to understand your software is an absolute must and will ultimately empower your developers and optimize their velocity.
What Is Understandability?
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